Jason E Fisher Recommends Practical Tips for Promoting Your CSR Initiatives

It can be disappointing to find a general lack of awareness of Jason E Fisher corporate social responsibility. Activities despite you have thought it through and initiated an activity that would benefit the local communities the maximum. Getting publicity for your CSR activities can be tricky – if you push it too much. It may seem that you are interested in pandering to your ego more than doing social good. Some effective tips for raising the awareness of your CSR activities:

Dedicate People to the Task

Getting publicity for your CSR initiatives should be an integral part of your CSR program. Because while you are fulfilling your obligations as a responsible corporate citizen, you also need. To ensure that there is a positive rub-off on your company’s image. It will ensure that the company derives the maximum benefit out of a boost in brand awareness, employee engagement, and building of its corporate culture. This makes it imperative that you allocate an additional budget for CSR publicity and select a dedicated team to take care of the relevant public relations. By doing this, it can make a significant difference to the way your audience interacts. With your brand and the message, it is promoting.

Undertake Strategic Planning, Advises Jason E Fisher

Like any task CSR promotion also needs to be planned properly. You will need to create a work schedule containing the communication objectives. Specify the type of content, the date when the content will be produced, and how the message will be disseminated to the target audience. Customizing content for audiences across separate channels like traditional and social media and even across different social media networks. Can be particularly effective, observes Jason E Fisher. Issues that your CSR planning should be capable of answering include the reasons for the company to support the initiative. How it is relevant to the company, and how the environment or society can benefit.

Use a Multi-Channel Approach

You should use both traditional media like newspapers and TV, as well as, social media to disseminate your CSR message and news about the initiatives that have been undertaken by you. In addition to the media, you should not ignore important stakeholders like the local administration, politicians, and NGOs. While strategically disseminated press releases and media briefings can work wonders. Other methods like your website and newsletters can also be effective for providing regular updates. Make it a point to post on the social media that your brand is active on so that you can have a dialog with your followers. And get feedback on the perception of your CSR initiative. Ensure that your message can also reach people with visual or hearing disabilities so that you can show. That you truly care about inclusiveness.


The impact of CSR can be maximized if you focus all your attention to make a significant change in one specific social or environmental concern, preferably one that is more pertinent to the local communities. This will generally be of more interest not only to the public but also to your employees and raise their level of engagement. It is relatively easier to get support from the local media for publicity.