Jason e Fisher explains the need for regular exercise to maintain wellness during Covid19

As we pass through challenging times as the Covid19 pandemic keeps stretching and makes our lives more miserable. We must stay mentally strong and healthy to fight the miseries heaped upon us. Besides the scare and uncomfortable feeling of leading a life in captivity as we spend more time indoors. To comply with the public health advisories to cut the chain of infections. We feel hard-pressed in complying with too many restrictions about our movements and activities. The more we feel caged, the more is the anxiety and depression that engulfs us as we stare at an uncertain future, feels Jason e Fisher. Sometimes it makes us feel as if we have no escape from the bondage. And reflect the deep mental anxiety that affects our health and wellbeing.

To come out from the vicious cycle of anxiety and depression that seems to push us to the limits, here are some suggestions about ensuring our wellness and wellbeing.

Exercise or not, ensure that you stay active, says Jason e Fisher

Exercise is the best medicine to take care of your overall health. Unfortunately, those who might have already been doing it earlier have suddenly stopped due to the disruptive lifestyle. It has upset the routine that we used to follow.  Indeed, you cannot exercise in the way you used to, but by being a little creative by adjusting to the new lifestyle of spending more time at home. You can create a new routine of exercises that you can do within small spaces and without any resources.   If exercising seems impossible, then engage in some other physical activities. From moderate to intensive, so that you maintain the recommended level of activities that keep you healthy.

Home exercises to consider

Since doing elaborate exercise sessions is not possible at home, choose your exercises wisely. To do moderate exercises like aerobics, which are fun and entertaining. Doing moderate exercises for 150 minutes a week or intense exercises for 75 minutes a week is very much possible. You can choose simple exercises like sit-ups, pushups, planks, squats, step-up, and abdominal crunch to fulfill the target. Doing step up with a sturdy chair is as easy as using wine bottles as dumbbells. Then there is the Jumping Jack which everyone does from their childhood. Working out for 10-15 minutes a day is good enough to maintain a fit and healthy body that houses a healthy mind.

Benefits of exercise

Regular exercise will make you more confident to combat infections due to improved immunity. It will keep your blood pressure and body weight under control. While taking good care of your cardiovascular health that keeps the heart healthy. In addition, it reduces the possibility of developing type-2 diabetes, stroke, and some cancers. Making people more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus.

Exercises keep you fit and increases muscle and bone strength while increases flexibility and balance. Regular exercises allow following a routine that gives the satisfaction of leading a meaningful life and improves our wellbeing.