Jason E Fisher Elucidates the Need to See A Mental Therapist During Covid-19

Sometimes you feel useless or empty inside because your existence is merely connected to another person or thing around you. Such a bad feeling can pull you down the dark abysmal if you don’t break loose from the situation. If you want to get out of the negative zone, seeing an online mental therapy service can help you break loose of these uneasy thoughts.Jason E Fisher on The Symptoms You Should Look Out For:

Mentioned below are four signs you may need to consult the therapist:


You used to show love and care whenever you see your favorite things. At some point in your lifetime, you don’t find interest in those things anymore. You don’t want to eat the food you have been craving for or meet someone you have cared for. Instead of going out to participate in usual activities, you are comfortable in a cocoon you created. Such a feeling can be a sign of depression, and it may lead to serious mental issues if you don’t beat it before it’s too late. If you are not ready to openly talk to someone close to you, search for a virtual therapy that provides face-to-face online counseling without leaving the house.


You may have a busy day throughout the weekdays yet not sleep even though you are doing rigorous work during the daytime. As soon as you go to bed, some intrusive thoughts keep you awake all night. If you continue to live like this, chances are you will end up eating at midnight, which can develop bulimia and obesity. Unless you get proper sleep, you may do stupid things such as late-night texting and abusing people on SMS, and making noise while neighbors go to sleep. These awkward behaviors can be signs of mental trauma or anxiety. Besides nutritious food, sleep is an important element to maintain your physical and mental health. Jason E Fisheradvises seeing a counselor who can help overcome sleep disorder if you want to get sound sleep.

Having harmful thoughts

A normal person would never let it go whenever he or she faces a difficult situation. Even if the odds are not on someone’s side, giving it a try can change everything. However, there may be phases when you want to give up everything and glide freely as if you have nothing to lose. You are no longer afraid of death or injury through your action. You try to do something good, but you fail miserably. This event can develop a thought of suicide that occasionally strikes your mind. Consulting an online mental therapy is the best way to keep your mind straight.

Social withdrawal

When a friend asks you to join an event, you make unreasonable excuses to stay away from such occasions. You may think that your action is temporary until you are ready to go out and meet people. However, such a social withdrawal can be a symptom of depression, but you will never realize it. If you find yourself getting stuck in the same place doing nothing important, you should talk to a therapist on virtual therapy service. Your absence at social meetings is not a good sign of self-development.

Mental illness can come in different forms, and there is no medication or spell to treat such a condition. When you feel something in you has changed, look for a counselor who provides self-care practice to increase self-confidence to restore your happy days.Professional counselors offer psychological counseling to overcome unattended emotional struggles such as depression, anxiety, and mental trauma.